Our Favorite Every Day Kitchen Gadgets

These handy kitchen gadgets can help anyone who spends time in their kitchen. Sure, you can make do with the bare minimum of some old pots and pans and a couple worn out knives and utensils. But why would you want to when there is such a variety of fun, time saving devices out there to use! These are the ones I would want in my kitchen.

The Bread Maker: This modern miracle is one of the best kitchen tools out there. I love getting up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread, that was prepared for me by this kitchen gadget while I was sleeping. Just add the ingredients, set the timer and go to bed.

Coffee Maker with Timer: If you plan ahead, you can use this handy tool to make coffee for you that will be ready when your alarm clock goes off. Of course, it can be used without the timer and it is pretty useful that way too.

Kitchen Knife Set: I used to make do with an old set of mismatched knives given to me without a knife block. Some of the handles were loose, and they had to be stored in a drawer. The new set sits on the counter top. The edges stay sharp longer, and the set contains knives for most needs. More room in the drawer, too.

Plastic Food Containers: With a set of containers for food storage, saving leftovers is much easier. Many have lids with vents, for use in microwaves. Another way to use them is to freeze food for future use. They look better than old margarine and yogurt containers, too.

Hand Held Blender: Excellent for mixing drinks, whipping potatoes, blending ingredients and more. If you don’t have room or money for a canister blendy, find one of these inexpensive mixers instead.

Toaster Oven: A quick way to toast sandwiches and smaller items, these little ovens don’t replace a regular kitchen oven. They make great garlic bread and work well for mini pizzas.

Sandwich Grill: If you make a lot of toasted sandwiches at home, this might be a great buy. If you don’t make grilled cheese, tuna melts or grilled paninis, then it might not be the best way to spend your money.

So there you have it, my favorite kitchen gadgets. Before running out and buying all of these items, think it through and make sure you will actually use it. It might end up like that food dehydrator I have stored in the closet, wasting space. Our bread maker, coffee maker, knives and food containers are always being used, while the sandwich grill and toaster oven are a once a week kind of item. In general, they are all a good investment for my kitchen.

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